Using the Meeting Room

The McAninch Room at the library is available for public use for meetings and programs of educational, cultural and civic purposes free of charge.


The group making the reservation will be responsible for setting up the room, maintaining the room in a clean and orderly manner, removing trash, and returning tables and chairs to their original arrangement. The group will assume responsibility for any damage to the library and its contents caused by any group member or program attendee.

Group Representative Responsibilities

If the meeting room is to be used after library hours, the group representative will be responsible for securing the building. Tobacco products, drugs, and alcoholic beverages will not be permitted. Flammable materials of any kind will be strictly prohibited. Interpretation of this policy will be at library director’s discretion.


Call or email us to request use of the meeting room.

Reservations for the meeting room must be made with a library staff member a minimum of 24 hours prior to room usage.

  • Persons under 18 years of age may not reserve the meeting room. One adult for every eight persons under 18 must sponsor activities for minors.
  • Should scheduling conflicts occur, library programs and activities will be given priority. No library program will be planned for a reserved date and time after a reservation has been confirmed.
  • The meeting room will not be reserved for commercial purposes, excepting any commercial purpose which is merely ancillary to the main purpose of the public, educational, governmental, or charitable event or use or speech or program.
  • The capacity of the whole library is about 100 persons, so the number of person using the meeting room shall not exceed 40 persons.


Groups may use our kitchenette to serve light refreshments. Jello and drinks with red food coloring may not be served because of the possibility of staining carpet and furniture. Groups must supply their own food, drink, and paper products, such as cups, plates, napkins, and tableware.